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Keep out of reach of children. You may experience some skin sensitivity. If you are pregnant, nursing, or undergoing treatment, please consult your doctor before using. Avoid contact with sensitive areas. Please wash off/cover the areas oil has been applied, or avoid sunlight and UV after applying.


The creation of these Sacred Oils is to support and guide you in your healing journey. They are not only Sacred Oils; they come with a protocol that includes deepening meditations to peel the layers of past traumas, bringing you to alignment.

For many years, I have had the honour of co-creating with the Divine Mother in her many forms. During this time of the Sacred Oil Healings, she is known by her Egyptian name Isis (ASet). She is the healer magician for ordinary people.


I was asked to sell everything again, Ieave Greece, now I am across the world in the east, sitting under a tree surrounded by nature and the newness of life. 


During this time, the Sacred Oils, Attunements, rituals and healing meditations have been vibrating through me, slowly showing themselves for me to bring into existence for you. 


They have a purpose, to support you in your healing. 


These 5 Sacred Oils have come to me in precise detail. The colours, the importance of the oils, why this plant and not that one, I have felt each step, how the sacred numbers blend. Occasionally I have questioned changing some details, and the answer has been a clear ‘NO’. Long hours sitting, being with the smells, feeling the frequency, waiting for the next bit of information to arrive. Tears of love have flowed down my cheeks, waves of releasing my traumas, love expanding and rejuvenating as I am bathed in the blessing and healing they offer.  


Now it is your turn to experience the benefits of the Sacred Oils. Engage with the rituals and meditation created for you. I hope they bring you layers of healing, love wisdom, and you experience your life anew.  


These 5 Sacred Oils have been created in sequence, the order being beneficial. If you choose to purchase all 5, it may be worth considering this.


I believe you are also the instrument of your own healing, and you can trust yourself to choose what is correct for you. That may be conventional medicine, original medicine or spiritual medicine. I love the idea that a combination can move mountains with your intention to heal.   


Alison sends frequencies to all Sacred oils that have been lovingly created regularly. 

Secure your spot now and experience the exclusive Early Bird Discount for the transformative "Sacred Oil Healing Retreat", live with Alison in Singapore on July 8th & 9th, & Johor Bahru on July 15th & 16th.

The Sacred Oil and protocol that opens, detoxes, aligns & attunes you to the new frequencies.

To support you in healing your connection to your internal mother, your birth mother, the divine mother & Mother Earth.

To support you in healing any birth trauma, cutting of the umbilical cord & reconnecting you to life.

To support you in healing and reconnecting you to your internal father, your birth father, the divine father & the solar father.

To support you in reconnection to the God of your understanding, unity of the masculine, feminine & God. 

Serena Mooney | MA Cert CPD Practice Manager


Just thought I would let you know, either the Attunement or Sacred Oil has healed my tooth abscess. I can't thank you enough. I've also loved doing your Healing Meditations. They've helped me so much, and the Oils are stunning!

Warm regards.

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