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Sacred Oils With

Healing Programs



Thank you very much for Alison’s sacred oil. It is not just an essential oil, but a healing journey. I started using it in mid-October, and I arranged a cycle of 4 to 7 days for each oil for myself. In the beginning, I just followed each audio meditation to adjust energy, and I found, what is amazing, that many things that happened in life were related to the theme of the Sacred Oils. For example, when I was born - using the Birth Oil, I happened to be going through my menstrual cycle. I found that I had a lot of fear about the scene of birth, including my guilt about the pain my mother caused me by giving birth to me, and I was afraid that I would become a mother in the future. I also have to face the fear of childbirth pain...etc., etc., etc., which accumulated to create my fear of female identity, which is also partly the cause of my primary dysmenorrhea. After releasing this part of energy, I feel that the fear of menstruation and childbirth has also disappeared a lot. When I came to the Unity Oil, I had a more significant increase in energy, and I also had a deeper understanding of the cycle of external events caused by some internal stuck points. After dealing with the relationship between my mother and my father respectively, I had a certain release and understanding of the feminine and masculine energies. However, until I used Unity oil, I found that they could not coexist peacefully inside me. This was reflected in my external world, I can get along peacefully with my mother and father separately, but when we are together, I don't know how to deal with the conflicts between them. And this conflict is also the manifestation of my inner energy. At the same time, during this process, I discovered that as a woman, I have a lot of fear and rejection of masculine energy, which I don’t experience so strongly when dealing with these issues alone. This includes my relationship with male friends, bosses, subordinates, etc., and affects all aspects of my life. Later, I also made an appointment for Alison's 1:1 session, and did some in-depth processing of this part. Lot of my colleagues are saying they can feel there are lot of changes happening on me. Thank you for the experiences and changes that Alison and her oil bring to me.

Alison Levesley welcomes you to delve into the transformative world of her Sacred Oils. These Divinely crafted oils, co-created with the Divine Mother Isis of Egypt, are infused with profound healing energy, designed to support and guide you on your healing journey. 


Each Sacred Oil serves a unique purpose and is accompanied by a comprehensive Healing Program. This includes guided meditations to gently peel through the layers of past traumas, helping you move toward alignment and well-being, opening you up for a better relationship with yourself and others. 


Alison invites you to begin your journey of transformation, embrace a balanced life and open to abundance.

The Sacred Oil and Program to support you in healing your connection to your internal mother, your birth mother, the divine mother and Mother Earth.

Sacred Oil Mother

With Healing Program

The Sacred Oil and Program to support you in healing any birth trauma, cutting of the umbilical cord and reconnecting you to life.

Sacred Oil Birth

With Healing Program

The Sacred Oil and Program to support you in healing and reconnecting you to your internal father, your birth father, the Divine Father and the Solar Father.

Sacred Oil Father

With Healing Program

The Sacred Oil and Program to support you in reconnection to the God of your understanding, unity of the masculine, feminine, and God. 

Sacred Oil Unity

With Healing Program

How It Works

Upon receiving the Sacred Oils, you'll find a card within the box that grants you access to the Healing Programs. This access is yours indefinitely, allowing you the flexibility to embark on your healing journey at your own pace.

The Sacred Oils were Divinely created as a program beginning with Attunement, Birth, Mother, Father, Unity.  Whether you choose to explore all five Sacred Oils in a concentrated week-long experience or prefer to revisit the programs over time, the power is in your hands. Alison encourages you follow the program, however, it is also ok to trust your intuition and use the Sacred Oils in a way that resonates most with your unique healing process.

With unlimited access to the Healing Programs, you can return to these meditations whenever you feel the need. The Sacred Oils and Healing Programs are designed to support you, no matter where you are on your path to well-being and personal growth.

Serena Mooney

United Kingdom | MA Cert CPD Practice Manager

Either the Attunement or Sacred Oil has healed my tooth abscess. I can't thank you enough. I've also loved doing your Healing Meditations in the Sacred Oil Protocols. They've helped me so much, and the Oils are stunning!

Sacred Oil Attunement

With Healing Program

The Sacred Oil and Program that opens, detoxes, aligns and attunes you to the new frequencies.

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