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  • Sacred Oil Mother

Sacred Oil Mother

  • About the Sacred Oil "Mother"

    Mothers have a tough job to do. Generations of women have suffered under patriarchal dominance.  


    Poverty, war, slavery, prostitution, male importance, ownership, and rape all sit in the psyche.  Generations of mothers pass down unhealed traumas to their boys and girls, neglect and abuse, often with the family and societal misconceptions and expectations placed onto them.


    This Sacred Oil Mother protocol has been created to offer you support in healing traumas associated with the mother.


    This may be for you as a mother, towards your mother or mother figure. It’s not until we truly heal the Mother wound we can open up to the feminine qualities of freedom and flow in all her forms.


    To release the barriers to self-love and nurturing.


    Let go of your anger towards your mother, which prevents you from embracing loving relationships.


    To surrender to all that isn’t perfect.


    To welcome in - being good enough for your children.


    Let go of criticism of yourself and others.


    To open your inner prison, allowing full expression of all that you are.


    To forgive and embrace all that is feminine to embody the highest expression of yourself.


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  • How to access the protocol

    When your Sacred Oil arrives, you will find a card inside the box with a unique QR code to enter the healing protocol.

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