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Alison Levesley is here to awaken, correct the unseen, and bring healing to those who are ready.

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Alison's life has been one of profound healing and seeing beyond the veil of 3D existence. From a very young age, she has spoken words of wisdom and shared intuitive truths others are blind to see. As she grew, she realised these gifts weren't ordinary and, at times, even due to her family history, were dangerous for her. For many years she blocked her gifts to protect herself, directing her energies into being a mother, setting up projects for children in care, sex workers, and people giving up heroin. Her journey has been to heal herself, accept her abilities, as others did and live her purpose. This is to help as many people as possible to awaken and positively transform their lives.  

Her Attunements, Sacred Oil Program, retreats, teachings and private sessions allow you to heal and vibrate at a higher level and shift your consciousness to manifest the life you truly deserve.

Ready to Begin Your 




  • I see myself as a holistic and intuitive healer, spiritual teacher, and guide but it's sometimes hard to explain since I can also be a psychic medium, providing deep inside that I receive through intuitive knowing. My mission is however clear to me, to empower individuals on their journey to holistic well-being and transformation.

  • My approach combines empathetic insight, multi-dimensional healing, and profound wisdom to create transformative experiences for my clients. I believe in the interconnectedness of the mind, body, and spirit.

  • I believe in the holistic approach, where the mind, body, and spirit are interconnected. True well-being comes from nurturing all these facets of your being, leading to a harmonious and abundant life.

  • "Awakening humanity" refers to the profound process of inspiring individuals to recognise their inner potential, connect with their higher selves, and embrace holistic well-being. It involves fostering awareness, personal growth, and spiritual development across various facets of life. My mission is to guide individuals on this transformative journey towards a more balanced, awakened, and harmonious existence.

  • Private sessions, also known as Love Wisdom Healing Sessions, offer personalised guidance and healing. They are an opportunity for deep exploration and transformation tailored to your unique needs. I have the ability of transmission, energetic light communication between the realms. I tune into you, and I look into your field, to your Akashic library of the soul. Once there, I'm able to look for and pull out the right book that needs reading. As I reads the pages, I will move the knotted words and pictures that have created blocks and imbalances within you. Once realigned, the healing takes place, and your life begins the process of change. Depending upon your own healing process, the healing and transformation can be immediate for some, and for others, it gently unfolds over time. 

  • The Deepening Program is designed to guide you on a profound journey of self-discovery and transformation. It includes a series of sessions and teachings to elevate your vibration and consciousness.

  • I call them Healing Retreats because they are immersive experiences where you can delve deeply into self-care, healing, and spiritual growth. Being in my presence during these retreats has a profound healing effect, creating a nurturing and transformative atmosphere. Additionally, my soothing voice carries a healing vibration that resonates with participants on many levels. Stay updated on my website and social media for announcements about upcoming retreats.

  • Absolutely! I've had the privilege of witnessing countless transformative journeys. There is one example below but you can visit my Testimonials page on my website to read about the experiences and successes of those I've healed and guided towards transofrmation.

  • My social media channels are Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok. It is mainly my purpose to guide and teach others to heal and grow in their journeys of well-being and abundance, which I post about frequently. 

  • I'd love to hear from you! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly through my website's contact form or email me at

Bill Nikiel

Germany - Hotel Gutshaus Stellshagen.

Beloved Alison. I want to thank you from my heart for the beautiful session you gave me. You have your Antennas in the Higher Realms and, at the same time, your feet firmly on the Earth. You very skillfully guided me through an intensely emotional experience. I see your work as both therapeutic and spiritual. You have the ability to sensitively tune into what is needed.

I am so grateful to you.

About Alison Levesley

Alison represents a pure loving presence. She gives clarity in an open and empathetic way. She looks directly into your soul and mirrors back where opportunities and challenges lie. Her work is extrasensory and multi-dimensional, sensitive, direct, and compassionate.


Her insight, healing words, and emphatic sensing create a beyond-belief awareness. She has transformed the lives of tens of thousands of individuals, provided guidance for business leaders, and healed traumas within relationships worldwide—a beacon of healing, and vibrational energy, healing the healers and teaching the teachers.

It has been recognised by Avatars of India, that her voice carries a vibration which amplifies the healing through people. It also allows her to deliver truthful, transformative messages in a way that can be easy to accept and understand.

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