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Alison represents a pure loving presence. She gives clarity in an open and empathetic way. She looks directly into your soul and mirrors back where opportunities and challenges lie. Her work is extrasensory and multi-dimensional, sensitive, direct, and compassionate.


Her insight, healing words, and emphatic sensing create a beyond-belief awareness. She has transformed and healed tens of thousands of individuals and provided guidance for relationships worldwide. 


She is a beacon of healing, and vibrational energy, healing the healers and teaching the teachers.

Alison's work empowers and inspires to truly hear your soul's calling. Become your own law of attraction, and connect with your own inbuilt spiritual manifesting force.


Get daily inspirational messages and insight into Alison's life, and learn about upcoming events by following her on social media. If you want access to exclusive content and receive offers and discounts for sessions, events, and retreats, subscribe to her mailing list below. 

Connect with Alison if you have any queries or learn more about her Love Wisdom Healing Sessions below. 

Her voice carries a healing vibration that enhances her ability to connect with people on many levels. It also allows her to deliver truthful, transformative messages in a way that can be easy to accept and understand.


Alison's life has been one of profound healing and seeing beyond the veil of 3D existence. From a very young age, she has spoken words of wisdom and shared intuitive truths others are blind to see. As she grew up, she realised these gifts weren't ordinary and, at times, even dangerous. For years she blocked her gifts to protect herself. Her journey into adulthood was to recognise herself and accept her purpose. This is to help as many people awaken and positively transform their lives.

Her Attunements, teachings and private sessions allow you to heal and vibrate at a higher level and shift your consciousness to manifest the life you truly deserve.

Bill Nikiel - Hotel Gutshaus Stellshagen.


Beloved Alison. I want to thank you from my heart for the beautiful session you gave me. You have your Antennas in the Higher Realms and, at the same time, your feet firmly on the Earth. You very skillfully guided me through an intensely emotional experience. I see your work as both therapeutic and spiritual. You have the ability to sensitively tune into what is needed.

I am so grateful to you.

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