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The deepening program is a six or twelve-session opportunity for personal and professional deep healing and growth. Working with Alison over a longer period can significantly impact your life as you fully engage in the process and commit to changing the important areas of your life. Our histories within our families, schools, social groups, first experiences, deaths and other emotional encounters often create the behaviours and beliefs we operate from as we age.

The main areas of our lives that we often seek fulfilment yet dont always achieve it are:-

  • Business

  • Career

  • Significant relationships 

  • Financial stability

  • Health

  • Purpose

  • Spiritual connection

  • Passion 

  • Legacy 


Of course, there may be something more for you personally. 

Alison's way of working helps you to understand, face, clear and heal these experiences quickly and easily, without years of therapy. She doesn't believe in messing about. She believes in getting to the point yet does so with love and compassion.


The Deepening Programme is a course of online sessions, however should you at any point be in the same country as Alison, she will be happy to meet you for one of your sessions.

6 sessions 

12 sessions

Deepening Programs

Unlock your true potential with Alison's Deepening Program, a path to profound healing and personal growth that can shape your life in remarkable ways.

Here are some common issues that people experience:

  • Finding themselves in negative recurring situations that they can't seem to escape, whether in relationships, money or health.

  • Struggling to listen to their highest selves or feeling a calling from within but not knowing how to follow it.

  • Feeling overwhelmed and unable to manage the challenges of life or noticing a decline in their vitality.

  • Struggling with family issues or a lack of happiness and wanting to improve their relationship with themselves.

  • Having a clear vision for their life but feeling like they are constantly struggling to make it a reality.

  • Struggling to manifest greater abundance in a specific area of life, despite feeling a sense of lack or lack of progress.


Athens, Greece

I know relationships are never easy, and mine, especially these last years. I couldn’t wait until the kids left, so I could too.  A colleague suggested therapy and talked of Alison, saying how amazing she was and how she had helped her relationship. My partner had been nagging for it too. We went, and I was shocked at how quickly she saw through our behaviours. After six sessions, we are in a different marriage, better than when we met, passionate, we talk, I have learned to listen, and we do things together; she is my friend.

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