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Shan Ang 

Singapore | Singing Teacher

Alison has penetrating energy that can peel your layers of stucked energy, she is like a generator that will drive you to your core of problems, giving you enough time to reflect and connect. A great healer who can guide you to healing, deeper self reflection - she is the one to accompany you through your darkest moments.

Alison's Testimonials

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Dato Chan Tien Ghee

Malaysia | Ex Chairman Cardiff Football Club

I have had the good fortune of experiencing Alison’s guidance, and I am even more convinced that there is a positive journey for every living being in existence. The key is to connect with lightworkers like Alison, who will unconditionally connect you to your roots and life seems so much more meaningful and positive. I have also felt that the Universe cares for all and it takes only a wish and the ability to be connected that put all in perspective. That’s so comforting to know that there is no Pre judgement in life and that you are open to experiencing the wider spectrum. Alison has given me the opportunity to experience this wonderful awareness which is invaluable. I will always appreciate and continue to engage with Alison in the fullest of confidence and that’s her forte in delivering what humility is all about.

Jasmine Pan

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I am so lucky to be able to participate in two days of Attunements. You can experience different energy sensations working in your body. On the first day, when Teacher Alison began to send out high-frequency energy, I felt love surrounding me. But because I was too nervous, my body began to tense up, and I couldn't relax. When Teacher Alison put her hand on my crown chakra. There was hot air rising from above. Then it radiated from the crown chakra, and my body started to relax. My heart chakra also felt the flow of love. This process is so moving and warm. At that moment, I thanked myself for being willing to accept the selfless love of Teacher Alison. I got up this morning. Wow...why have I become taller and more beautiful. I feel the energy in my body spinning and improving. Full of energy. The next day, why not come to experience one more Attunement? I said, of course, it's fine. Good things are not afraid of too much. Today, I will enter the Attunement very quickly. In the beginning, the crown chakra was comfortable to empty. But coming to the heart chakra, it was fine at the beginning, but gradually I found that the heart chakra was very painful. Uncomfortable. Then I slowly accompanied it and said, "Don't be afraid...with the teacher and me...we will be fine" Slowly, this heartache felt being seen, slowly feeling the tolerance of love, and slowly willing to leave. The Attunement is so magical and fun.

Dhyan Ji

United Kingdom

I first met Alison in 2010 when she was Spiritual Director at the Monastery Manchester. I was there for a concert and I immediately felt like I had known Alison a long time. I have recently attended both of her Attunements at the Monastery and I found them to be incredibly powerful, empowering and centring. They have given me more inner strength and resolve in my own work and I am so very glad I attended both days. If Alison steps onto your path today and you have an opportunity to attend an attunement with her I highly recommend her work and services to you. She is a wonderful Spiritual Leader and Teacher of our times and I am so happy we connected all those years ago. Blessings and Blissings.

Athens, Greece 

I know relationships are never easy, and mine, especially these last years. I couldn’t wait until the kids left, so I could too. A colleague suggested therapy and talked of Alison, saying how amazing she was and how she had helped her relationship. My partner had been nagging for it too. We went, and I was shocked at how she saw quickly through our behaviours. After 6 sessions, we are in a different marriage, better than when we met, passionate, we talk, I have learned to listen, and we do things together; she is my friend.


My experiences with Alison Levesley have been absolutely life changing! Her gifts are priceless and her talents seemingly endless. Thank you Alison for everything you do to help heal the world. You are a beautiful divine spirit

Karey Turner

USA / United Kingdom

I cannot thank you enough for your beyond-healing work. I came to see you as the childhood trauma and abuse I suffered created struggles in all areas of my life, leaving me angry with no self-worth. It has plagued my life until recently, and I am 53.  I am finally free and at peace. I am excited about the future 


Thank you, Alison.

Eve S Milton Keynes

United Kingdom

Alison is amazing. She has worked miracles for me and my family. Her works really bring you inward to connect with yourself. Every connection with Alison always brings me more insight and awareness. Looking forward to seeing her sooner.

Queelie Tan

Singapore | Financial Adviser

Beloved Alison, I want to thank you from my heart for the beautiful session you gave me. You have your Antennas in the Higher Realms and, at the same time, your feet firmly on the Earth. You very skillfully guided me through an intensely emotional experience. I see your work as both therapeutic and spiritual. You have the ability to sensitively tune into what is needed.

I am so grateful to you.

Bill Nikiel

Germany | Hotel Owner

Nick Turner

United Kingdom

In 2010 I was recommended to Alison by a mutual friend. I had been suffering from modern-day burnout, ME, or some people call it Chronic Fatigue. I was a little sceptical at the time as I had spent many months and years researching treatment, often with disappointing results. ​ I had several online sessions with Alison, and she determined some recurring patterns and causes for how I approached work and family life. The ME/CFS work was very enlightening, supportive, and healing. Following this initial work, I have been regularly in contact with Alison for further development work not only for myself but for my family, and I have recommended many friends to Alison over recent years. ​ I would strongly recommend Alison to anyone looking to work with deep inner energy healing well beyond the scope of western medicine. Alison has become a great family friend over the years and even delivered a ceremony of marriage for my beautiful wife Karey and me. Thank you, Alison, for all of your kindness and work over the years!

After Alison put the oil on my head, I felt a part of me leaving the body through my crown chakra and reentering with new information, realigning all my body cells after a while. 


Italy | Constellation Therapist


United Kingdom

Hi Everybody. I just wanted to do a quick review for Alison Levesley, who did me a beautiful attunement earlier over the internet. And I just wanted to say what the experience was. The experience was a huge amount of calm after having had a lot of anxiety. The beautiful golden light that came in from the left that I could almost touch physically. And this light sat with me for all of the sessions. I had some messages that came through that were very poignant for me. On a personal level, on a family level, and on a humanitarian level. And just an amazing experience of the attunement. Of the golden light. And the clarity that was required for me at this moment in time. I would highly recommend this experience. It is a beautiful experience. At the time, there was a shift within myself. And within the experience that I have had, I am sure you would feel that also. Sending lots of love. Many thanks to Alison. Amazing energy worker. Amazing soul.

"I am so indebted to you, Alison – you have a very special gift of healing – that I have not met in any other person in my life. Alison, I would like to publicly thank you for all you have done for me and my family."

Dr. Dawn Gibbins

United Kingdom | Secret Millionaire

You meld with every person you talk to and become them- they feel seen and heard. You have worked with such courage, and determination to highlight trafficking, child abuse, the darkness of satanic abuse, supporting people to detox from heroin, counseling sex workers and children in care, and in the process, changed many lives.

Stephanie J King 

United Kingdom | Author and Teacher

I was vulnerable and in pain-you listened and embraced me - Your hug healed me.



Emma Tamplin

Ireland / Corfu | Coach

I shared with Alison the torture the whole family had been through and was still going through with one of my sons, OCD, Anxiety, and depression. We, as a family, had lived with this for 7 years, and the physical and emotional burnout my body was experiencing was telling me in Its own way that I could not go on like this anymore.  Alison told me that she could help my son. One sunny, still waters morning, we stepped up to the pier, and she began the process of seeing and clearing my son's energy. There were swift movements as the negative energy shifted. She was accurate about where the trapped energy was and picked up exactly what had been holding my son’s health back. I had been told that my son would have to be taken and treated at a mental hospital when I got home. This prognosis was way off. On returning home, Robin stayed with my brother and sister-in-law, and he ate again. He had stopped taking his SRRI blockers, but it was like he did not need them. I spoke on the phone to the son I thought I had lost to mental illness. He was back. He was better. Yes, I know we have a bit to go from here as we have been swimming in this dark energy for so long now, but I feel a light shift in him and me, and we, like all others on the planet, deserve to live and be happy to enjoy this planet. I met an Angel of the highest of Order that day. She will be part of my new family now. That is how much I Respect and love her. She is way beyond inspiration... that’s my take on it... Thank you, Alison, for coming into my energy field.

The inspiration you provide people is that of unconditional love, resolute loyalty, and absolute belief. Truly divine is how I would characterize you and the epitome of femininity ... strength, endurance, and grace. You have always been there for me and us, weaving a sense of love and divinity into our wedding and helping our son understand commitment, loyalty, and grace. 

Cate Bauer

Australia / United Kingdom | Property Developer

Alison, you have helped me reconnect with myself and motivated me to seek happiness and freedom through your words. Talking to you makes me feel that I can do it. I find you inspiring - your peaceful and gentle energy, which is very uplifting. The situation in which you inspired me the most was to see my relationship with JJ with different eyes and not give up on us. Your support & compassionate conversations with me enabled JJ and me to have a fresh start when we could have. Thanks so much, dear.

Michelle Cempaka

Mexico | Shamanic practitioner Teacher & Healer

Healing Therapy/ "Alison's Intuitive healing reaches the parts that others do not" 

Olga Tomic

United Kingdom

Shan Ang


My spiritual journey has changed by affinity and spiritual connection with Alison a few years back. I have been praying for the 'Right teachers at different points of my spiritual learning. Alison came to me as if I had known her for years. Each individual session with her was a huge awakening process for me to transform and reflect upon. I saw changes in my attitude and ability to handle my emotions better.  During 3 to 4 months of a long course with Alison, her teachings and method penetrated deeper than I ever could have known me better. Though I have done many spiritual regressions and healing, each course may seem intimidating, but it's been so rewarding. I felt my inner soul is happier from within and not by mere materialism. Her powerful channeling and selfless teaching of practical yet nourishing methods heal and give me strength. Her spiritual methods may look simple, but it's definitely enriching yet strengthening if one is diligent.  A heart - to heart spiritual teacher that once you open your heart and are ready to receive her teaching and blessings boundlessly, you will benefit immensely and be transformed by Alison's teachings! Only when one is brave to face it! Be Brave and be transformed! To be who you really are!

Today is Teachers' Day in China. In my heart, you are my most respected teacher. Thank you for giving me the knowledge of growth and making my life richer.

Translator & Client




I had a fulfilling month after the last session. Every day I felt full of energy and busy with many things, so I felt a kind of satisfaction I never had before.  People didn't like me much and kept a distance from me, but I feel people I have contacted recently tend to take me seriously. My aura has changed a lot. I used to be a plumber, which means hard work. This month I changed jobs, My brother and my wife's brother together offered me to buy a truck, so I could make more money more easily, so now I am very happy. Thank you for your work.

I got an amazing and empowering gift that I lost during my childhood. I claimed back my true power and un-caged my self-imposed limitations. Alison is highly spot-on and knows exactly what I need to unleash my true potential!



It was remarkable that Alison's intuitive feel for the flow of the Water and energy followed precisely the Classical Chinese formula. Along with a deep connection with God - Higher Mind, Source - Alison is in touch with the Earth and the Sky as well as being boundlessly compassionate.

Richard Ashworth

United Kingdom | Feng Shui Master


Chengdu, China

I am a family arranger and business operator who has been immersed in the Hellinger family arrangement field for many years while studying all over the world. We have our own college and many companies in Chengdu. I have received one-on-one consultations with Alison for a long time and am very grateful for the profound transformation she brought to my life. She led me through many wounds in my soul. Let my consciousness complete the leap, but also more and more clear. Assisted me in my journey of alchemy. As I go through various situations on the outside, I feel I am being steadily supported by energy. While going through all the dramatic changes on the outside, the inside remains calm and strong. I thank her very much. If you have a strong desire for the growth of the soul, If you are an entrepreneur, you are faced with a variety of challenges in running a business, and you want to constantly turn risks into opportunities and then let yourself step up, again and again, Alison is a powerful support for you. She is a top teacher, and I am sure you are lucky to have met her and accepted her long-term one-on-one consulting service. May you benefit.

Thank you so much for helping me clarify what I was experiencing when I could not understand what was happening to me. Just the sound of your voice had such an assuring effect on me. Your compassion and wisdom provided insights that resonated warmly and truly with my heart. I am now on a spiritual journey that is beyond my wildest imagination. Your guidance allowed me to move forward with my life and meet the challenges that lay before me. I am very, very grateful."





You are ‘The Prayer Warrior’ - All round beauty inside and outside


United Kingdom

During the attunement, I saw Alison coming down as a light being during my attunement. She removed a massive blockage blocking me from seeing my true connection.


Netherlands | Web Designer

Daniela Perdula

Austria | | Production Coordinator Jewellabs Picture

I had the honor of getting support from Alison and witnessing the way she works. It totally blows me away. I would love to find the right words for what I experienced. She has a divine skill that really impresses me and touches my heart – and it’s hard to put it into appropriate words. I had the chance to witness her capability firsthand. She was helping a person in shock – and what she did then just amazed a lot of people. It’s hard for the mind to accept that this is even possible. It seemed like a modern kind of witchcraft (saying that with a wink and my deepest respect). I was close to her while she was working and it was so powerful that I couldn’t stay close for very long. The way she sees, feels, guides and transforms energies is beyond this world. She helped me in my personal process too. After a burnout, PTSD and life giving me quite some challenges, I dealt with depression and it was hard to get back on track. I did a lot conventional (therapy, …) and unconventional things – and working with her helped me to connect with a ‘long forgotten’ part of me. Supporting me to reconnect with my higher self and experiencing it was very special. The most amazing thing for me was the shift in my home. For years – a lot of years I was struggling with it. Something just felt off. She connected with the house I live in (from a distance) and installed some amazing energy. For the first time, it felt clear and pure and loving – just the way I wanted it. Her energy is amazing – the way she feels and witnesses. A true guide of love for humanity.

Amjad Ali Shah

United Kingdom | Director of Transsecure

Alison. You entered my life at a time when I was in the midst of physical illness and mental health issues. Through life's trials and tribulations I had lost faith in mankind. My road to recovery physically, mentally and spiritually began with the compassion, love and kindness you graced me with. I found peace in your presence and warmth in your embrace. I have learnt about myself, my creation and more over my purpose in life, if ever there was any. We as humans meet people along this journey of a lifetime, some that leave an impression and some that don't. Whenever I think of the good things that mankind encapsulates, it's your picture that is forever etched in my heart and soul. God bless.

Yanis Sidarth

Greece | Chef

Alison, you inspire me as you have taught me to love even when others are not good to me. How to be compassionate-and I am the Buddhist. Create visions and go for them overcoming obstacles. See the positive in everything and how to say things when it's not easy. Emphasis on helping others in life

Jayne Lea

United Kingdom | Editor Moretolife & Farewell magazines

Alison Levesley is one of God's workers. She is a mix of all that is real in us human beings; fearless, generous, trusting, loyal, wise, brave, intuitive, loving. Her capacity for reaching people and understanding their sometimes complex emotional/spiritual issues is fundamentally her strength. She has a direct connection with the divine and knows how to use that with integrity and power.

Jason T

New York, USA

I was amazed how in such a short time a total stranger could look into my life and not only tell me what is happening now, how I am feeling and the issues I am struggling with. Alison also was able to tell me the age the issue began and why. This shocked me as it was unbelievably accurate. The detail, age and what happened made me understand how this event had impacted my life and my career. After the healing, my business and life have become successful. Thank you Alison.

Adrian Carradice-David’s

United Kingdom  | Non-Executive Director for Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust & Warrington & Halton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Through the many years of knowing Alison, I have become her biggest fan. From our first encounter at Gorton Monastery, I recognised how special Alison Levesley really is. She has an innate ability to see into a person’s soul and sensitively and compassionately identify the most appropriate means of addressing their needs. She loves with a love that is both intense and all-embracing. It’s not restricted just to those close to her it seems to extend to all mankind. She is self-sacrificing, many times diminishing her needs for the needs of others. When her kindness and generosity are abused, she is undaunted in her belief that at the core of all of us is the essence of God just trying to get out although sometimes hindered or besmirched by life’s circumstances. She is intrinsically spiritual with a conviction that spirituality is not the proprietorship of any one denomination or religion but should be accessible and enjoyed by all. She is honest, forgiving, caring, kind and supremely eximious.

Thank you so much for yesterday. There's reggae and then there's bob Marley. There's practitioners and then there's you.

Michelle Greaves

United Kingdom

Ryla Hoh

Johor Bahru, Malaysia

On the evening of 22/11, when Teacher Alison sat and looked at each of us quietly, I felt a wave of warm energy, layer after layer, vibrating into my heart. Tears flow unconsciously, full of love and touching, a feeling I have been waiting for for a long time. The day before I came, my head started to ache, and my body was exhausted and very uncomfortable. After the attunement by teacher Alison, all my tiredness and discomfort disappeared. My whole body felt loose and very strong. As if being charged, feeling soo good. I was dreaming at night of a cup of oil being poured into my car. I was very alarmed and sad in the dream because I feared my car would be dirty. I cried in the dream as if I cried out a lot of sadness and despair inside me. The release was massive. The second day after waking up, I felt very calm and peaceful inside, as if some part of me was healed, flowing... I feel that teacher Alison's healing power is very helpful to people with depression/anxiety. Meeting teachers is our blessing. Thank you, teacher Alison and her team, for all these arrangements. I look forward to the 29/11 FM Attunement and 1-2-1 session in Kuala Lumpur.

Michelle Tan


I was guided to attend the Sacred Oil Retreat in May 2023, using these Sacred Oils Alison created. And they are amazing! Alison herself has a presence that felt angelic and profound to me. To be in her session—highly recommended!

Serena Mooney 

United Kingdom | MA Cert GPD Practice Manager

Either the Attunement or Sacred Oil has healed my tooth abscess. I can't thank you enough. I've also loved doing your Healing Meditations in the Sacred Oil Protocols. They've helped me so much, and the Oils are stunning!



Teacher, I am grateful for every time you visit. I go deeper and deeper to understand my life. I am now free, and your Sacred Oils help me love my father again. Thank you!



Thank you, Alison, for sharing your wisdom and love. Your teachings and healing energy changed my life. My family life has changed - we love each other now. How I run my business and engage with my staff is creating a successful business. I am so thankful to you teacher. Always grateful

Angela Teh 


Alison's Sacred Oil Retreat has left an indelible mark on my heart and soul. It was a profound journey of personal transformation and rebirth. No words can adequately capture the depth of emotions and experiences we encountered during this sacred time. Deeply rooted emotions that had long held me captive were invited to transcend into the light, allowing for the restoration of my authentic self—the birthright of divine happiness, power, and unconditional love. I am now empowered and eternally grateful. Dear Alison, I express my heartfelt gratitude for your presence and guidance. Meeting you has been a true blessing in my life.

Jane Luhur


Loved our two-day Sacred Oil Retreat. It was an intimate yet fun self-discovery journey from Father, Mother to Birth. Feeling so grateful to have Alison divinely guided us throughout each special moment with care. Thank you, thank you for this amazing experience !!



Thank you very much for Alison’s sacred oil. It is not just an essential oil, but a healing journey. I started using it in mid-October, and I arranged a cycle of 4 to 7 days for each oil for myself. In the beginning, I just followed each audio meditation to adjust energy, and I found, what is amazing, that many things that happened in life were related to the theme of the Sacred Oils. For example, when I was born - using the Birth Oil, I happened to be going through my menstrual cycle. I found that I had a lot of fear about the scene of birth, including my guilt about the pain my mother caused me by giving birth to me, and I was afraid that I would become a mother in the future. I also have to face the fear of childbirth pain...etc., etc., etc., which accumulated to create my fear of female identity, which is also partly the cause of my primary dysmenorrhea. After releasing this part of energy, I feel that the fear of menstruation and childbirth has also disappeared a lot. When I came to the Unity Oil, I had a more significant increase in energy, and I also had a deeper understanding of the cycle of external events caused by some internal stuck points. After dealing with the relationship between my mother and my father respectively, I had a certain release and understanding of the feminine and masculine energies. However, until I used Unity oil, I found that they could not coexist peacefully inside me. This was reflected in my external world, I can get along peacefully with my mother and father separately, but when we are together, I don't know how to deal with the conflicts between them. And this conflict is also the manifestation of my inner energy. At the same time, during this process, I discovered that as a woman, I have a lot of fear and rejection of masculine energy, which I don’t experience so strongly when dealing with these issues alone. This includes my relationship with male friends, bosses, subordinates, etc., and affects all aspects of my life. Later, I also made an appointment for Alison's 1:1 session, and did some in-depth processing of this part. Lot of my colleagues are saying they can feel there are lot of changes happening on me. Thank you for the experiences and changes that Alison and her oil bring to me.

Jane Liang

Singapore | Interior Designer

The Sacred Oils Retreat is a blessing, and I am very thankful to be apart of this event. The guided meditations & exercises were well paced, and Alison's presence made me feel extremely safe & relaxed in the group. She was highly intuitive, kind & all encompassing. The scents of the Sacred Oils are truly out of this world, and I say that because I found myself able to let go more & dive deeper (than I usually can) into my mind/soul, allowing many messages & stuck emotions to unveil & heal, on various realms. The experience has been nothing but incredibly touching & empowering. I have gained a lot of new insights from this retreat, which has changed the way I understand & cope with matters & relationships in life. The takeaways are healing & empowering. Thank you Alison, for all your love, kindness & guidance. Words cannot fully express my heart, but thank you! I highly recommend anyone interested, to go in with an open mind, and trust in the flow. It could be the turning point that you have been looking for.

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