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There will be a moment in your life when you know something needs to change. You may have been searching for a while, looking at different healing modalities, such as exploring the spiritual realms, therapy, and nutrition. However, You're not getting the right responses that your body needs to change, to heal, to realign. One of Alison’s gifts is that she is able to look into you and pinpoint exactly what is needed.

Alison has the ability of transmission, energetic light communication between the realms. As Alison tunes into you, she will look into your field, to your Akashic library of the soul. Once there, she is able to look for and pull out the right book that needs reading. As she reads the pages, she will move the knotted words and pictures that have created blocks and imbalances within you. Once realigned, the healing takes place, and your life begins the process of change. Depending upon your own healing process, the healing and transformation can be immediate for some, and for others, it gently unfolds over time. 

Duration: 1 hour | Location: online

Jason T

USA, New York

I was amazed how in such a short time, a total stranger could look into my life and not only tell me what is happening now, how I am feeling and the issues I am struggling with.  Alison also was able to tell me the age the issue began and why. This shocked me as it was unbelievably accurate.  The detail, age and what happened made me understand how this event has impacted my life and my career.


After the healing, both my business and personal life have become successful.

Thank you Alison

Personal Healing Sessions

During one of Alison's personal healing sessions, you embark on a journey of self-discovery. By understanding yourself better, you uncover your true power. Alison guides you to connect with your highest self – the part that recognizes your magnificence and knows the healing necessary to integrate all aspects of your being.

Working with Alison allows you to explore, grow, heal, and gain insight into the changes needed within you.

Online & In-Person

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