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  • Sacred Oil Attunement

Sacred Oil Attunement



  • About the Sacred Oil "Attunement"

    This Sacred Oil ‘Attunement’ protocol is the Sacred Oil holding all the frequencies and blessings I have lovingly brought forth, along with the meditations, all to support your expansion into the new energies.


    The actual Attunement is either in person or online with me. Though it is always lovely to receive in-person Attunements, you will still receive everything you need and probably more at a distance.


    This beautiful Sacred blessing is here for you to gain a deeper connection with yourself and open doorways to new frequencies. Plus, it will hold, prepare and expand you if you continue your healing journey through the other Sacred Oil Protocols.


    Purchase the full set of Sacred Oils instead. Click here

  • How to access the protocol

    When your Sacred Oil arrives, you will find a card inside the box with a unique QR code to enter the healing protocol.

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