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  • Sacred Oil Father

Sacred Oil Father



  • About the Sacred Oil "Father"

    Our world needs a healthy balanced masculine to hold and support a healthy balanced feminine.  Together they create healthy balanced relationships, children and societies.


    Sadly due to the breakdown of families and fathers not being present physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, children often lack a positive male role model in their lives. More and more Fathers are leaving the family home, creating suffering for children (There is no blame here, just a statement).


    When we are in pain and conflict with our father, we are in pain and conflict within ourselves. The wounded masculine is in fear, angry, disconnected from and struggles to control his emotions. Anger reflected towards others is commonplace in homes, on the streets and in the bigger picture of continuous wars.  


    This Sacred Oil ‘Father’ program is your opportunity to heal the layers of your relationship with your internal masculine. This will then begin to change the experiences you have with the men/masculine externally. 


    Together we can dive deep into your generational masculine to see what stifled him.


    Heal wounds of abandonment and silence.


    Understand how this has blocked your relationships.


    Release Anger created by fear of ‘it's not ok to be vulnerable or weak’.


    Heal and forgive, allowing you to show up fully in the world.


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  • How to access the protocol

    When your Sacred Oil arrives, you will find a card inside the box with a unique QR code to enter the healing protocol.

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