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  • Sacred Oil Birth

Sacred Oil Birth



  • About the Sacred Oil "Birth"

    This Sacred Oil, ‘Birth’, is here to:-


    Heal wounds from your birth, absorbed from your mother and ancestors, which wasn’t yours to hold. 


    To release any trauma associated with your birth.


    As a mother, to release any trauma you hold from giving birth.  


    As a father to release any trauma you hold from witnessing your child being born. 


    To release the trauma of the cutting of your umbilical cord, before you received all the blessings of your birthright.


    Reclaim, receive, and reconnect to your true essence and purpose, that your soul agreed on incarnation.  


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  • How to access the protocol

    When your Sacred Oil arrives, you will find a card inside the box with a unique QR code to enter the healing protocol.

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