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Do you want to host an Attunement session with Alison, invite her as an inspirational speaker for your event, or schedule an exclusive interview? Please reach out through the options below to learn more and make arrangements. We're excited to work with you to share Alison's knowledge and insights with the world!

Invite Alison

Alison Levesley welcomes invitations to bring her transformative wisdom to your events, interviews, YouTube channels, magazines, Spiritual events, etc. Whether you're hosting an intimate gathering, seeking an inspiring speaker, or planning an exclusive interview, Alison's presence adds a touch of transformation and empowerment to any occasion.


Get in touch today to discuss how Alison can be a valuable addition to your platform. Don't miss the opportunity to infuse your events with the uplifting energy and transformative insights that Alison uniquely brings.

Jayne Lea 

UK | Editor at Moretolife & Farewell magazines

Alison Levesley is one of God's workers. She is a mix of all that is real in us human beings; fearless, generous, trusting, loyal, wise, brave, intuitive, and loving. Her capacity for reaching people and understanding their sometimes complex emotional/spiritual issues is fundamentally her strength. She has a direct connection with the divine and knows how to use that with integrity and power.

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