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In-person Healing Sessions

Alison has no limitations when it comes to tuning into your energy, however, you will receive extra energetic blessings just by being in her presence.  The waves of energy will pass through you adding to your opportunity for healing. When Alison works with you her love is boundless.


Alison has the ability of transmission, energetic light communication between the realms. As Alison tunes into you, she will look into your field, to your Akashic library of the soul. Once there, she is able to look for and pull out the right book that needs reading. As she reads the pages, she will move the knotted words and pictures that have created blocks and imbalances within you. Once realigned, the healing takes place, and your life begins the process of change. Depending upon your own healing process, the healing and transformation can be immediate for some, and for others, it gently unfolds over time. 

Alison can read you or should you wish she can guide you into unlocking deep rooted issues within.


Below, you'll find Alison's travel schedule. Spots always fill up fast so make sure to secure your spot.

Travel Schedule

2023 | 2024


3th November - 14th November 2023


21th November - 22nd November 2023

Jayne Lea

United Kingdom | | Editor Moretolife & Farewell magazines

Alison Levesley is one of God's workers. She is a mix of all that is real in us human beings; fearless, generous, trusting, loyal, wise, brave, intuitive, loving.


Her capacity for reaching people and understanding their sometimes complex emotional/spiritual issues is fundamentally her strength. She has a direct connection with the divine and knows how to use that with integrity and power.

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