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Attunements by Alison Levesley | Kuala Lumpur

The Sacred Oil and protocol that opens, detoxes, aligns and attunes you to the new frequencies. Even though the Attunements are donations based - please continue by clicking "Buy Tickets" to book your seat. You won't be charged and can donate when arriving at the Attunement.

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Attunements by Alison Levesley | Kuala Lumpur
Attunements by Alison Levesley | Kuala Lumpur

Time & Location

20 Mar, 20:00 – 21:30 GMT+8

Studio Ramli Hassan | Kuala Lumpur, 8A, Jalan Tepian Tunku, Taman Tunku, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

About this event

In September 2022, I was connected and aware of changes coming into my life. I had a vision of death and possible rebirth in Mexico earlier in the year. I had no attachment to either; my life is in service and surrender. During meditation, I was asked by the Divine Mother Isis to receive the honour and gift of attunements and to share this wherever invited.

This attunement came through me to show me the experience and bring me new frequencies. Once integrated, I saw symbols, images, numbers, essences, and plants to be integrated through me - all infused with light. I was then asked to place these into a high-quality oil to be used in the Attunement protocol. Next came the understanding of what it would do, including the method I would use to pass it on.

The attunement is individual, yet held in groups.

I work one person at a time. Tuning into you, I sense what is needed. The oil is placed on your head and onto my hands. I move around you, placing my hands on various parts of your body (physically or with energetic intention, depending on whether you are in person or online), visualising, internally speaking into you, energetically cleansing on many levels, attuning/integrating you to the new frequencies.

Since writing this, Alison has developed Sacred Oil Protocols (link). The Sacred Oil ‘Attunement’ is one of the five Sacred Oil Protocols, which offers the sacred rituals and meditations included with the protocol.

There has already been remarkable feedback from people both in person and online. Experiences so far:-

  • Long-term depression released,
  • Cellular renewal,
  • Waves of love coming from Alison,
  • Release of pain after seven years,
  • Reconnection with joy,
  • Reconnection with the God of their understanding,
  • Awareness of greater unity and healing purpose,
  • Reconnection with life purpose,
  • Realignment of body,
  • Opening of 3rd eye,
  • Someone singing in a foreign language they do not speak (smile),
  • Family healing and connection,
  • Weight loss,
  • Feeling taller,
  • Reenergised,
  • Good sleep,
  • Peace,
  • Empty mind,
  • A surge of love.

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