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  • 调频 - 每一天,您都会收获来自调频圣油的净化、扩展与焕新,它将带您提升到应和当下时代和灵魂整合而引入的全新频率。

  • 出生 - 我们将一同迎接一个崭新的您、一股新的能量、一个新的目标、一个新的临在来到当下。

  • 母亲 - 疗愈家族创伤,打开通往和解与爱的真相之门。

  • 父亲 - 建立联结信任与内在指引,并以此充沛您的生活。

  • 合一 - 在平衡中,我们创造一个洋溢着健康与平静的生活。获得通往精神、情绪、身体与灵性幸福和谐的密匙。

中文:2024年4月8日 - 4月15日

Sri Lanka, 坦加勒


Jane Liang


The Sacred Oils Retreat is a blessing, and I am very thankful to be apart of this event. The guided meditations & exercises were well paced, and Alison's presence made me feel extremely safe & relaxed in the group. She was highly intuitive, kind & all encompassing. The scents of the Sacred Oils are truly out of this world, and I say that because I found myself able to let go more & dive deeper (than I usually can) into my mind/soul, allowing many messages & stuck emotions to unveil & heal, on various realms. The experience has been nothing but incredibly touching & empowering. I have gained a lot of new insights from this retreat, which has changed the way I understand & cope with matters & relationships in life. The takeaways are healing & empowering. Thank you Alison, for all your love, kindness & guidance. Words cannot fully express my heart, but thank you! I highly recommend anyone interested, to go in with an open mind, and trust in the flow. It could be the turning point that you have been looking for.

Angela Teh


Alison's Sacred Oil Retreat has left an indelible mark on my heart and soul. It was a profound journey of personal transformation and rebirth. No words can adequately capture the depth of emotions and experiences we encountered during this sacred time. Deeply rooted emotions that had long held me captive were invited to transcend into the light, allowing for the restoration of my authentic self—the birthright of divine happiness, power, and unconditional love. I am now empowered and eternally grateful. Dear Alison, I express my heartfelt gratitude for your presence and guidance. Meeting you has been a true blessing in my life.

Sri Lanka, 坦加勒

中文:2024年4月8日 - 4月15日


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