Alison Levesley

Alison Levesley is an Interfaith Minister; Radio Presenter, Inspirational Speaker, Visionary, Psychic Intuitive Healer and Spiritual Coach. It has been recognised that immense healing is delivered through Alison’s voice and energy. Alison’s work is transformational, quick and powerful. She works internationally with private 1-2-1 clients and larger groups/audiences.

I am an interfaith minister…who sees beyond the separation and duality – with a mission not only to help individuals connect with the Divine within them…but also on the micro / macrocosmic levels, to help the humanity find the Divine within itself. However, I couple these admirable qualities with something much more rare – a searing intellectual honesty and deep compassion for those who have either not had the advantages in life that others have, or who have – to coin a hackneyed phrase – fallen by the wayside.

I have been at the helm of initiation – through my work with Gorton Monastery as its Spiritual Director and as the Chief Inspiration Officer at Barefoot Foundation alongside Dawn Gibbins MBE, Secret Millionaire. I managed to create amazing things through these organisations without the help of a big budget. I am at present working with Glasgow Caledonian University and now Salford University to make Grameem Bank a reality in the North West of England once again looking to address the bigger social change.

I am a trustee for Penny On and New Dawn, plus working with The LOL Foundation, Salford University and Sir Nick Parker to bring about a united service for Ex-Forces.

I have worked with Individuals and organisations to bring about corporate change, my work with The Marketing Director of a global drinks company led to his promotion, and to his company receiving awards for one of the largest advertising campaigns of 2012. I have a natural gift to see beyond the veil, often ahead of my time in viewing the changes needed within the world. One of my passions is to vision and create events that offer personal and spiritual development such as Woman Magic, Mother Meera Darshans, Deva Premal and Miten concert, The Monastery Mind, Body and Spirit festivals, James Twyman and many more allowing large numbers to gather in unity.

I have been studying and engaging personally within the original medicines for the last 25 years. I choose the words original medicines as they have thousands of year’s science, practice and research. I have not only trained in them I’ve has experienced them to know and understand their value and deeper healing. I also have qualifications & experience as an Intuitive, Spiritual Director, Teacher of Advanced Hypnotherapy, Business Development and Coach, Group facilitator, Counsellor, NLP, Reiki Master/Teacher, & practitioner of some Traditional Chinese Medicines.

I am based in Manchester, England. I am happy to work with you face to face, join one of my groups, Skype or telephone. For businesses I am always happy to discuss your requirements for advancing your business, training will always be on site.

 Rev. Alison Levelsley


The art of listening was demonstrated by you throughout. It was intriguing and amazing to me how you balanced the spiritual context of the session with the real world. You helped paint a picture of what was really happening and what choices I could make moving forward. Whilst never giving a personal view you sometimes left small probing questions in my head. All these insights were backed up by honesty and compassion.’ Update: – As a result of my working with you I have now received a huge promotion, my relationships both professional and personal are 100% improved and I’ve won awards for one of the largest advertising campaigns of 2012. Thank you.

Richard, Creative& Marketing Director, Famous drinks Campaign

I met Alison at a wellbeing event last year and mentioned that my eldest son Scott was in a dark place as a result of the strains of his Year 2 University studies and was considering quitting. Alison kindly volunteered to meet Scott to try and help him get back on track and after only a couple of meetings the change was remarkable. Scott soon found himself again and regained a positive state of mind and balance to cope with the demands of his life. The positive effect on Scott and my whole family was inspirational. Thank you Alison.

Michael A Smith, Senior Private Banker Coutts

You are just amazing, I have to say my energy is so much improved, I know I am working through things that I may have been ignoring and you have kick started me off on that process again and I am eternally grateful. I can honestly say that Alison reaches the parts that others don’t and she does it in the most gentle and loving way. I felt safe reaching in to myself to get to the healing point so quickly and pretty much painlessly is down to her incredible skill. Alison’s connection to the Divine is just amazing – thank you for your love and care’.

Olga Tomic, Feng Shui Practitioner and Social worker Devon

Alison Levesley is exceptional. She cares deeply about your wellbeing and has helped me immeasurably to refocus my personal and business goals in just two months. Right now, I’m enjoying learning about myself, choosing who I want to spend MY TIME with, and doing what’s best for me – both relationship-wise and financially. Make no mistake – Alison Levesley IS the real deal. My consulting firm, Interventure, is thrilled to be now promoting her abilities to our clients so they too can achieve greater success. That is how much I believe in her”.

Ken Doughty, CEO, Interventure

Meeting Alison has enriched my life because she is helping me through a particularly challenging time. Alison creates for you a sacred space and as an intuitive healer and spiritual guide is full of passion, compassion and wisdom. Her enthusiasm and skills are evident and her insight is reassuringly accurate as she uses the healing processes with grace and dignity. I have no hesitation in recommending Alison for Intuitive Chakra healing, spiritual guidance and life coaching.

Linda, Life and Business Coach

After spending decades of my life in paralysing fear of everything
I found myself in a place where I had no confidence, no friends, massively overweight, and regularly hospitalised. I was extremely depressed and often suicidal. After just one session with Alison I noticed a transformation in myself and a few more I was able to completely change my life. For the first time ever I am healthy, happy, and unafraid. I am shedding my weight, I have a powerful group of friends and deep spiritual connection with my life’s path.

Rhiannon Webster, Graphic Designer

I just want to let you know that this amazing lady has cured my daughter who has suffered for 5 years with ME Chronic Fatigue. Alison started to work with Meesh in December and guided her over Christmas and in January to complete health… so much so … She climbed 5500 steps of Adams Peak in Sri Lanka in March. I am so indebted to Alison – she has a very special gift of healing – that I have not met in any other person in my life.

Alison I would like to publically thank you for all you have done for me and my family.
We are so blessed to have you in our lives.

Dawn Cox (née Gibbins), MBE: Secret Millionaire

Alison has helped me completely transform my health. She guided me in overcoming 5 years of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Alison was unlike other health practitioners I had seen. Other practitioners emphasised taking tests, drugs, supplements, changing my diet and following a specific treatment plan. None of this worked. Alison did not instruct me on what to do. She encouraged me to follow my own inner guidance, which was the key to me transforming my health. I learnt that my symptoms were not due to physical causes but emotional causes. Now I feel free. I feel love for the past not fear. I feel content. I am the happiest I can ever remember being. I have discovered my true self and I’m living the life I love. All thanks to Alison; not doing the work for me, but teaching me how to do the work myself. The word I’d use to describe Alison is ‘light’. She is a guiding beacon of light that guides you back to health and happiness.

Michelle Greaves, Health practitioner