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Sacred Oil Workshop With Alison Levesley

This two-day Sacred Oil Healing Retreat will offer a deepening into your wounds, with a frequency elevation, to bring you back to your souls calling.


Alison Levesley has been working with the Divine Mother to bring forth these powerful Sacred Oil healings of "Attunement," "Birth," "Mother," "Father," and "Unity."

Each Sacred Oil has a different role to play in healing the deeper wounds that sit at the core of humanity. Alison has felt transformed through the frequencies. One by one, as the Sacred Oils emerged, the rituals and smells brought out old painful memories to be acknowledged and released. Alison believes she has to experience the healing herself. Otherwise, she will become the barrier; she is here to release in you."

The Sacred Oils have their own protocol of healing rituals, meditations, and teachings. However, sitting in Alison's energy field will spiritually, energetically, and emotionally open you up for even deeper healing and transformation.

On both days, Alison will begin with Attunements, energetically cleansing you on many levels, intentionally speaking into you, awakening you on cellular and spiritual levels, and attuning you to the new frequencies. The Attunments will create an opening and holding while we move through the other Sacred Oil protocols.

"Let's together release your "Birth," "Mother," "Father" wounds, bringing "Unity" in transformation and renewal."

7th January - 8th January 2023

The Monastery Manchester, Gorton Lane, Manchester, UK


Jane Liang | 室内设计师


圣油静修是一种祝福,我非常感谢能够参加这次活动。 引导冥想和练习的节奏很好,艾莉森的存在让我在小组中感到非常安全和放松。她非常直觉、善良且包容一切。 圣油的气味确实是在这个世界之外的,我这么说是因为我发现自己能够更多地放手并深入(比平时能)深入我的思想/灵魂,让许多信息和困住的情绪得以揭示和治愈,在各个领域。这次经历只是令人难以置信的感动和力量。 这次静修让我获得了很多新的感悟,改变了我理解和处理生活中的事情和人际关系的方式。收获是治愈和赋权。谢谢艾莉森,谢谢你的爱、善意和指导。言语无法完全表达我的心意,但谢谢你们! 我强烈建议任何有兴趣的人,以开放的心态进入,并相信流程。这可能是您一直在寻找的转折点。


Angela Teh



7th January - 8th January 2023




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