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Alison Levesley welcomes invitations to bring her transformative wisdom to your events, interviews, YouTube channels, magazines, Spiritual events, etc. Whether you're hosting an intimate gathering, seeking an inspiring speaker, or planning an exclusive interview, Alison's presence adds a touch of transformation and empowerment to any occasion.


Get in touch today to discuss how Alison can be a valuable addition to your platform. Don't miss the opportunity to infuse your events with the uplifting energy and transformative insights that Alison uniquely brings.

杰恩. 莉娅 | Moretolife & Farewell 杂志编辑


艾莉森.莱维斯利是上帝的工作者。她是人类最好部分的组合:勇敢、慷慨、信任、忠诚、智慧、无畏、直觉和爱。 她能够触碰到人们,了解人们复杂的情感和灵性议题。她和神有着直接的连接,并且知道该如何在品德和力量的指引下,去使用这种神力。

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