July 28

UK Healer Roams the World


Alison began her journey from the tender age of four when she first began speaking words of truth. For many years she shut that part of herself down, because it wasn’t acceptable for her family who came from strong Catholic and Protestant religions. When she was 19, everything changed when Alison started astral traveling. This was the catalyst for all her abilities to be reactivated again. She began having visions and seeing and feeling what was happening with other people. Her dreams were filled with insight about what was to come.

“Sadly a lot of what I saw was about death. I would be walking along and see something that was about to happen. Within 24 hours it would manifest. An example was a dream I had about a guy who came to my house and was bitten by a snake and died. In reality, he never came to my home, but at the same time he died I woke having just witnessed it, the next day I heard that this is exactly what had happened to him,” said Alison.


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My First Vlog :)
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