The School of Love Wisdom

The School of Love Wisdom allows you to experience and learn Alison's teachings individually or or in group gatherings. All with the purpose of taking you deeper into yourself in ways that will ripple throughout all areas of your life

An Introduction to The School of Love Wisdom From Alison

Love is something we are all looking for yet so often seek it outside of ourselves, the true wisdom comes from finding it within. Let me guide you into the richness and magic of your soul. At The School of Love Wisdom, we can work together in a variety of ways, to explore how you can create a more peaceful, magical, spiritual and successful life.

Ways to Work and Learn with Alison at The School of Love Wisdom

Individual & Group Experiences

Whether you’re looking for an intimate, personal journey of transformation or a group experience. All of Alison programs are designed to help you heal and vibrate at a higher level, meaning you’re free to create and manifest the life you truly deserve. Discover more below.

Teaching Programs for Change Workers

Alison's teacher training programs are for women who are drawn to help humanity heal and evolve. Those wanting an enhanced capacity to help their clients transform and experience a profound personal healing journey. Discover more below.

Love Wisdom One to One Coaching 

Love Wisdom Coaching is the most personal way to work with Alison. It's the fastest way to understand and transcend the barriers getting in the way of manifesting the life you desire and deserve. 

What makes this so transformational is that Alison works with your higher mind and integrates all of the aspects that play their parts in creating your reality - your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual self.

Love Wisdom Group & Teaching Programs

At The School of Love Wisdom Alison offers a variety of online programs designed to help you navigate the inner world of your emotions, your work, relationships and manifesting success. Many are free to register for. 

During her programs Alison shares her unique gifts and approach to healing, that she’s refined during 30 years of working with 1000’s of people.  

Love Wisdom

Love Wisdom retreats provide a nurturing environment and the opportunity and techniques to help you step back into your life in a more joy filled, present and peaceful way.

They are mainly held Arillas, Corfu a truly special place with incredible sunsets, the bluest ocean, creating the most perfect setting to come together in love.


Alkistis Vasilopoulou // Energy worker

Alison is a beautiful, loving  and gifted human being! My energy levels were very low and I felt complete lack of motivation because of it for over six weeks when Alison sent me some remote healing. Things picked up rapidly and I was able to get through, with great enthusiasm, the course I was attending that weekend. Two weeks later we had an other session this time face to face. She found the cause of this energy blockage and she guided me through eliminating it. In that same session she came across the reason I was constantly getting very bad coughs for many years and removed it! That was a great relief for both my family and I as I had being trying to find the possible cause of this coughing with the help of my doctor for long time. I was even misdiagnosed as asthmatic in the past and had to use a steroid inhaler for several months.Her insight and guidance have been truly enlightening and have improved my life enormously at a practical level and have also helped my own spiritual development. I feel blessed to have met her and I am looking forward to more of her insight in the future.