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When we learn more about ourselves, we learn to understand where our true power lies. When we look at others to bring us that magical life, fantastic career, more money, happier relationships, better health, or even notice us, we become powerless.

We will work with your highest self - that part of you that knows your magnificence, the healing that needs to take place and integrate all aspects of your being.


Working together will allow you to explore, grow, heal, and understand what needs changing within you.

Below you will find attunements, sessions and deepening programs. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you need guidance to determine your next steps.


You're finding negative recurring situations that you can't seem to shift. It could be in relationships, money, or your health.


You're having issues listening to your highest being, but something within you is calling.


Maybe life is simply hard to manage and heavy, but you can't pinpoint exactly why your vitality seems to be waning.


Maybe family issues are getting in the way of your happiness, or you wish to improve your relationship with yourself.


You may have a clear vision for what you'd love to create in your life, but no matter what you do, there's always the feeling of struggle perpetuating around the topic.


It could be that you're finding the topic of manifesting greater abundance in an area of life- difficult to change. But you come back to the same old feeling of lack.  


Alison has been gifted ‘The Attunements’ to support humanities healing. They can take you to a higher level of consciousness and bring calm during times of significant change. Alison is sharing these attunements with as many people as possible travelling the world invited as groups gather.



There will be a moment in your life when you know something needs to change. You may have been searching for a while, looking at different healing modalities, such as exploring the spiritual realms, therapy, and nutrition. However, You're not getting the right responses that your body needs to change, to heal, to realign. One of Alison’s gifts is that she is able to look into you and pinpoint exactly what is needed.



The deepening programs are a choice of 6 or 12-session courses. It could be for personal healing but also healing on a professional level. Working longer-term with Alison can significantly impact your life if you engage with it. You may examine a particular aspect of your life or eliminate the conditions, blocks, and barriers that prevent you from experiencing joy and peace of mind, body, and spirit.

Karey Turner 

USA / United Kingdom

My experiences with Alison Levesley have been absolutely life changing! Her gifts are priceless and her talents seemingly endless. Thank you Alison for everything you do to help heal the world. You are a beautiful divine spirit

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