Love Wisdom Retreat

Arillas Corfu, Greece

This retreat has been postponed till 2021 due to COVID-19

Small & Intimate Self Nurturing Retreats for Women

So often when I am working with individuals, organisations, groups or just chatting with friends and even strangers I find that so many are busy with their lives to the extent they lose connection with themselves, their spiritual centre and in relationship with the close people around them. Even holidays seem to be about doing rather than being. When looking at problems in marriages, helping people looking for marriage, connection with children/parents.

Because of careers and purposes in life, so many are focused on what is next, keeping busy to avoid the unhappiness inside, the mobile phone and social media, and running to the next appointment, or even busy in searching for enlightenment and so on and on. This leads to feeling of being unfulfilled, separation and dissatisfaction not only within ourselves, but then it leaks out into our wider world and we soon begin to feel stuck, to question and find fault in other areas of our lives.

What I have understood from my own deepening and supporting my clients and friends over the many years is that you have to make time to 


and take time to settle into the quiet and breathe.

This doesn’t just happen overnight… it can take time and …. giving yourself permission …. setting the time aside … with the right nurturing environment…. opportunities and techniques to assist a peaceful state… beautiful nature and scenery to nurture your soul.

The time is now.... to give yourself permission to stop… come home to YOU, check in and remember who you are.

Join Alison in Arillas and be held and nurtured by her/with her.

I have been offered many homes/retreat centres around the world each one in special places from Bali to Spain, UK to Nepal all unique and with so much to offer. However Arillas and its surrounding villages has touched me deeply over the years holding me and giving me permission to let go, stop and relax into me.  With travelling so much and helping thousands of people along the way its important to find somewhere special that gives back to me.  

I have found that in Greece – the ocean, nature, hills, Archangel Michael ley line [sacred earth energy that runs unseen in special places around the world] natural food, small friendly Greek communities, stunning sunsets, beautiful scenery, spiritual gatherings and festivals all together creating a completely relaxed atmosphere. This is why I am making Arillas my home and centre. Alison x

Maybe its time to reconnect and find yourself in a small perosnal retreat with limited places in Arillas, Corfu so that you can step back into your life in a more joy filled, present and peaceful way.

Science and business is finally catching up with what spiritual traditions have thought for thousands of Years – our love Wisdom and peace is within each of us.

This retreat will create space for you to:

Stop and come back to peace

Relax into yourself and reconnect with your spirit

Be nourished

Guided meditations to assist you to release your limitations, old ideas and pre-conceived patterns

Remembers through silence the calling of your soul.

Acknowledge and embody the true power of your Love Wisdom

Deepen your heart mind connection to release inner conflict

Learn how to align with the New and be present to manifest with ease.

Remember silence

Reconnect with the freedom of your inner being

Offer you space to reflect

And so very much more...

Alison's deep insight, healing words, and emphatic sensing create a beyond belief awareness, and has transformed and healed thousands of individuals and provided guidance for relationships all over the world. Her ability to truly connect with people on so many levels allows her to deliver overwhelming, transformative messages in a way that can be understood and accepted.

Love Wisdom with Alison Levesley