Love Wisdom Healing & Coaching

Work One to One with Alison

I truly believe that it is only when we begin to learn more about ourselves, that we can learn to understand where our true power lies. Whilst we look to others to bring us that magical life, fantastic career, more money, happier relationship, better health or even notice us, we become powerless.

What makes it different to other forms of coaching is that we work with your higher mind and integrate all aspects of your being that play their parts in creating your reality. This means your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual self.

Love Wisdom Coaching helps you to understand what barriers are in your way and highlights quickly and easily the path to take.

Love Wisdom Coaching gets to the problem quickly, it creates a spotlight onto your best solution and shows the easy steps to get there, plus it gives long term healing through the process. Love Wisdom Coaching brings understanding into the most difficult of problems and relationships.

Love Wisdom Coaching & Relationships 

I have worked with couples and individuals for over 20 years helping them to find a way of staying in or finding loving, nurturing and healthy relationships. 

However my work is not just working to find love, or rekindle love. Relationships are also families, friends, colleagues, groups and so much more. 

Often what we learn in our families and school sets us up for the rest of the relationships in life. We believe we are forming new relationships when in many cases we are reliving the history of our family and friends.

I'll help you understand and change what is needed within you, which will change the relationships around you. 

Linda Curtis // Life Coach

Meeting Alison has enriched my life because she is helping me through a particularly challenging time.   Alison creates for you a sacred space and as an intuitive healer and spiritual guide is full of passion, compassion and wisdom.  Her enthusiasm and skills are evident and her insight is reassuringly accurate as she uses the healing processes with grace and dignity.  I have no hesitation in recommending Alison for Chakra healing, spiritual guidance and life coaching.

Some Common Issues

Perhaps you're unable to find a healthy loving relationship or maybe having problems with a colleague, which is stopping your advancement.

You're finding negative recurring situations keep occurring in your life that you can't seem to shift. It could be in the areas of relationships, money or your health.

Maybe life is simply feeling unusually hard and heavy right now, but you can't pinpoint exactly why your vitality seems to be waning.

Maybe family issues are getting in the way of your happiness or maybe you wish to improve the relationship with yourself.

You may have a clear vision for what you'd love to create in your life, but no matter what you do there's always the feeling of struggle perpetuating around the topic.

It could be that you're finding the topic of money or manifesting greater abundance an area of life difficult to change, but come back to the same old feeling of lack.  

Gain Clarity & Move Forward 

Love Wisdom Coaching brings understanding into the most difficult of challenges in and out of relationships. Working together will give you the opportunity to explore, pinpoint the problem and heal it. By understanding and changing what is needed within you, will in fact change the relationships around you. By understanding, healing, balancing yourself you attract healthy, loving, balanced relationships.

Emma Tamplin // Coach - Ireland

I shared with Alison the living torture the whole family had been through and was still going through with one of my of my sons, OCD, Anxiety and depression. We as a family had lived with this for 7 years and the physical and emotional burn out my body was experiencing was telling me in It’s own way that I could not go on like this anymore.  Alison told me that she could help my son. One sunny, still waters morning we stepped up to the pier and she began the process of seeing and clearing my sons energy. There were swift movements as the negative energy shifted. She was so accurate in where the trapped energy was and picked up exactly what had been holding my son’s health back. I had been told that my son would have to be taken and treated at a mental hospital when I got home. This prognosis was way off. On retuning home, Robin was staying with my brother and sister in law, he was eating again. He had stopped taking his SRRI blockers, but it was like he did not need them. I spoke on the phone to the son I thought I had lost to mental illness. He was back. He was better. Yes I know we have a bit to go from here as we have been swimming in this dark energy for so long now, but I feel a light shift in me and him. I met an Angel of the highest of Order that day. She will be part of my new family now, that is how much I Respect and love her. She is way beyond inspiration.