October 12

Groundhog Emotions


Remember in the film Groundhog Day actor Bill Murray repeats his day over and over again, doing exactly the same thing, all day every day.  Ever felt that your emotions can be a bit like that? 

I know having been on a personal development journey/teaching for more than 25 years that I sometimes find myself staring at the same brick on the same part of the wall far too many times.  Why I ask, how am I here again and what is the belief that is stopping me moving on with my life, or having the things others seem to have? 

Our emotions are powerful; we choose relationships, friends, houses, cars, holidays etc through our emotional experiences.  I loved dark green BMW cars as my brother had one and I loved him, yet disliked ford Capri’s as my step-father had one and yes you can guess the relationship without me even saying it, smile. Marketing and branding gurus recognise the emotional buying power and my do they use it to get us to spend our hard earned cash.   

So what can these Groundhog Emotions teach us and more importantly how do we stop the ones repeating that don’t serve us well?  A great way is the next time you find you looking at the brick – stop – sit down and experience the brick. 

Your feelings will help you to find the answer if you listen.  What you may ask is this woman mad – it has been said – however what I mean is that we often see the whole wall and it can feel overwhelming, so we then run away and the Groundhog Emotions repeat. 

This time forget the wall and just stay with the one brick.  You may either just wish to sit with your feelings or imagine an actual brick in your mind’s eye.  If the latter stare at it, what does it feel like, look like and does it have a memory. 

You may end up crying, tears are good, releasing them stops depression.  You may face a memory that you don’t like to remember; hence why we avoid and bury them deep, or they are part of our family’s way of seeing things –not yours, this is why it feels uncomfortable for you personally. 

Stay with it – crazy I know but have a conversation with it, there is only you in your mind, no-one else can hear.  If this brick could speak to you what would this brick wish to say and what does it need to heal and let go, once and for all??? 

Just think at some point you could remove the brick and be able to see through or even over the wall.


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