About Alison

Alison's work empowers primarily, but not exclusively women to transcend their physical, psychological and emotional barriers to great health, freedom, joy and success.

She has been named as one of the UK’s leading evolutionary's by Source TV and listed in Gulnaz Brennan 100 Women, 100 Stories. She’s also featured on The Wholly Woman album alongside Isis, Mother Meera and Princes Diana.

Her powerful individual and group programs allow her clients to heal and vibrate at a higher level so they’re free to manifest what they truly deserve. 

Alison represents pure loving presence. She gives clarity in an open and empathetic way. Being in her expansive presence and energy brings you right back to your own innate potential.

She looks directly into your soul and mirrors back where opportunities and challenges lie. Her work is direct, sensitive, bright and compassionate.

Alison’s truly divine and feminine energy is a beacon of light in this time of uncertainty. She is a teacher, energy shifter and a pillar of love and inspiration. 

Her lifetime has been one of profound healing and seeing beyond the veil of 3D existence. From a very young age Alison has spoken words of wisdom and shared intuitively, truths others are blind to see.

She learned from the age of four this wasn't normal, it was also dangerous, so she began to shut down her gifts. Her journey has been to recognise herself, accept her gifts and in the process her calling, which is to help as many people as possible positively transform their lives.  

Alison's voice carries a healing vibration which enhances her ability to truly connect with people on many levels and allows her to deliver truthful, transformative messages, in a way that can be easily accepted and understood.  

Alison has been invited and teaches on all four continents. She is now creating her home and retreat center on the island of Corfu, Greece, whilst continuing to travel and work internationally.   

Alison's Work

Alison work is extra sensory and multidimensional. She is a beacon of healing, vibrational energy, healing the healers and teaching the teachers.

Alison’s deep insight, healing words, and emphatic sensing create a beyond belief awareness, and has transformed and healed thousands of individuals and provided guidance for relationships all over the world. 

Engage With Alison

Discover more about Alison, how she works with her one to one clients and how she can help you here. You can also explore more at The School of Love Wisdom where Alison provides the opportunity to connect with her teachings either one to one, online or in a group setting.

Cate Bauer // Property developer - Australia

The inspiration you provide people is that of unconditional love, resolute loyalty and absolute belief. Truly divine is how I would characterise you and the epitome of femininity ... strength, endurance and grace. You have always been there for me and us, weaving a sense of love and divinity into our wedding helping our son understand commitment, loyalty and grace.