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28 April 2014

Walk in the Woods

Easter Sunday I ventured up into the local countryside with a friend on a bit of adventure. I had walked the Cloud – National Trust land before, however this time as we reached
the top my adventurous companion decided to climb down the rocks encouraging me to do so too. Well it was a day of resurrection so what could possibly happen, I found the fun and inquisitive child within me and rose to the slightly dangerous challenge.

It was a beautiful sunny day however the wind was beginning to pick up and at some points along the edge it was a wee bit scary. My child within loved it. It reminded me of a time as a child when I did actually fall over the edge into the River Mersey, wearing my new outfit. I was in more trouble for ruining my outfit than nearly drowning. smile.

As we moved down the Cloudside we came across the joy of new born lambs, there is something magical about watching them venture out away from mum and jump around.
The next part of the trek was walking up through fields and coming face to face with many mums and babies, not sure if they were protecting their young as they moved closer or just after food.
Didn’t stick around to find out. smile As we continued to walk downhill and climb through and over fences we came upon some amazing trees. Here is one in the photo, it was one of those trees that called to be climbed, one from childhood that you could find your way up easily. I of course didn’t but some tree hugging was of course on the agenda.

Finishing the day at <a href=”” title=”Bridestones Stone Cricle” target=”_blank”>The Bridestones stone circle</a>. The site is protected as a Scheduled Ancient Monument, its history could either be related to birds or a couple of newly weds murdered and this being their grave. Very different possibilities and a great place to visit.

Of course the joy, fun and laughter along with the beauty and nurturing nature seems to offer and four and half hours of walking/climbing, I ventured home refreshed, suitably tired and hungry.


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