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03 October 2015

Healing your Relationships – Beijing China, March 2015

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During my recent trip to Beijing teaching a 3-day workshop ‘Breaking Free’ and the many private one to one sessions – one of the main problems that people asked me about was their relationships, sharing their difficulties, searching for love, marital and work relationship issues. Of course this isn’t just a problem for China this is one of the main problems worldwide. We all wish to be happy and have great relationships like the ones told in the childhood fairytales, western feel good movies and advertisements, however, this is not reality. The reality is we work really hard to create everything else that looks good to others, the cars, the house, the cash but often neglect the important areas of our lives. We are taught to live outside of ourselves giving power to others, parents, teachers, boss, partner, God, money, friends, therefore when things go wrong it must be someone else’s fault – yes? No not always, in fact we learn to get our needs met early in these relationships, playing a role to be liked, loved and valued, sometimes allowing others to hold our power, yet the reality is we make choices as to how we react to the situations presenting themselves.

Yes we do need to show respect to others and in certain situations we must answer to others, example our boss, teacher, authority – if we are already respectful and responsible towards ourselves, this will then be easy and in many situations bring a sense of freedom with it. However, if we are making choices that are not good for us, the wrong relationships possibly from a lack of self awareness, ignoring our instincts, feel disempowered, scared, pressured then these relationships will create a sense of conflict within.

The other problem is people don’t know how to listen, not only to others but themselves too.

Our family relationships often are the ones that play out in our adult lives.

Would you like to understand more about yourself, your relationships and have happier and healthier relationships

Do you:

  • Find it difficult to find a partner, stay in good relationships or continuously choose the wrong person?
  • Have conflict in your life that impacts your working/life relationships/promotion/career?
  • Dismiss aspects of yourself, lack confidence, that lead to a stuckness, not trusting your thoughts, or feelings and life often feel out of your control?

As small children we learn how to be men or women from our fathers or mothers and other significant male and female role models in our lives. These relationships also teach us how to be in relationships of all kinds as we grow.If they are not positive role models or a parent is missing then we grow up with that gap within ourselves creating imbalance on the inner and outer of our experiences and relating in the world.

This 3 day empowering experiential workshop will bring back that balance and harmony creating a greater relating inside of yourself which will heal the external relationships. Learn how to create and develop and sustain healthy, joyous and happy relationships.

Connecting to our Higher selves, protection and clearing


  • Develop and understanding of your male and female within, what this means and the qualities they hold.
  • Understand how they operate separately and together.
  • Learn the history they carry and how this affects your relationships today.
  • Develop a greater understanding, connection, relationship to your female energy.
  • Listening skills
  • Discussions and developing a deeper awareness of your male energy
  • The pushing and pulling of life
  • Love language and how understanding yours and your partners will enhance your connection
  • Release your Developed need to be right and lesson how this impacts your relationships
  • The meeting of the male and female
  • Sacred unity and surrender to develop your loving relationship
  • Deeper awareness of relationship
  • Daily practice and meditations to enhance all learnt
  • Shamanic journey to deeper awareness
  • Tools for transformation and understanding
  • Sharing and journaling for clarity



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