Liberating the Goddess Within

Date : 1 / Aug / 2016
Time : TBC
Address : TBC
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Liberating the Goddess Within – Singapore 2016



Women and girls around the world have been facing great difficulties for generations – inequality has led to suppression, abuse, abduction, enforced slavery, forced abortions, forced marriages etc.

Recent global figures showing that Chinese women are top alongside India in showing this oppression, however, now in China it is being made clear that change is happening. President Xi is showing the importance of family and declaring the changes for women by his actions in public and the accompaniment of his wife to public engagements – bold statements.

Of course this cannot happen overnight it will take time and lots of work to change the old ways of dominating and viewing women as 2nd class citizens, yet if we as women heal the internal wounds that we carry not only for ourselves, but our conditioned beliefs from our mothers and grandmothers and theirs before them, we will be supporting that change and that of our children and generations to come.

Awaking the Goddess Within
In this time of great change and transformation they say it’s the women who will change the world? Yet so many are lost in relation to their feminine and what it means to be a woman open in all her glory. We have lived in a patriarchal world relating to all that is external, losing our abilities to love and nurture, trust our inner knowing and be in the power and beauty of our freedom.

Through my work I meet too many women that struggle to be in positive relationships, have difficult relationships with their mothers, daughters and friends, feel less important than men. Many do not feel worthy or like and accept themselves – its time to change that and regain your personal power and love yourself again.

Together we will step into the forgotten memories of the Divine Feminine, gathering the goddesses into our space and engage with healing, wisdom, chanting, ceremony, dance, shamanic journeys, breath-work and ritual to unleash and regain the joy of all that is woman.

I will create the space and hold you whilst you release your wounds associated with being woman so that you can step into your power through opening your heart to love, your mind to acceptance and surrendering.