Breaking Free Interactive Workshop

Date : 1 / Dec / 2015
Time : TBC
Address : TBC
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Breaking Free Interactive Workshop – Malaysia 2015


1 Day Programme – Nurturing Yourself in a Busy Life – Tools for Transformation

So often in life we are so busy just getting on with it we miss the calling from within.  The headache appears – and if we had listened earlier we would have know that just stopping and taking time out to clear the tension would have prevented it.  In working with many thousands of people suffering has become what we are good at – prevention is where we need to be.  This one-day workshop will give you tools to hear your inner wellbeing for a healthier life.

Breathe – so often we live in constant action even when our body stops our mind continues and we struggle to switch off and just relax.  Learn techniques to change this.

Listening to your inner knowing and what your body is telling you – so often our body tries to gain our attention and we are just too busy focusing on other things – 3 tools for hearing before dis-ease sets in.

Letting Go of the simple stuff – short simple practices to release the small stuff – as we often focus on the small stuff.

Inner Walking – guided meditations for relaxation and time out …And much more.


Breaking Free Interactive 2 Day Workshop

We spend so much of our time living our lives the way other people wish us to, our families, friends, colleagues and boss. Many blame others for their failures – if its someone else’s fault and the power is in their hands we become helpless and are limited as to how to change things.

This two day Interactive workshop gives you the tools for awareness and taking your power back into your own hands. Explore your life through questioning, Attunements, learning new tools, shamanic journeys, discussion, meditation, imagery, creativity and more.

A brief overview of the 2-day programme:

  • Connecting to your higher self, protection and clearing – guided meditation.
  • Attunement to Divine Mother energy for loving and nurturing yourself, this will create a deeper connection to your own internal healing whist clearing away barriers to source energy. Alison will pass healing by touching and blessing each person. [both days]
  • The varying levels of consciousness – what are they and how they play out in our daily lives?
  • Exploration and inner questioning to gain personal understanding of self
  • Looking at the varying behavior patterns we engage in, and how they play out in our everyday situations.
  • Focusing on the issue/ blocks to moving forward in your career, relationships, or in knowing what you want?
  • Belief systems and whose are they anyway.
  • Limiting beliefs, focusing on ways to clear them, enable you to take back a healthy control.
  • Exploration of how we give away our power and in doing so we limit ourselves so its time to take it back
  • Projections
  • Who are we responsible for and who are we responsible to?
  • Ownership of emotions.
  • Control – when to let go.
  • Freedom from our own internal prisons.
  • Taking back your power.