Help With Erectile Dysfunction (Male Impotence)

I have worked with lots of men over the recent years who were experiencing great anxiety and stress at the fact that their sex life wasn’t happening and fear it wouldn’t again. So much pressure is placed on the male to perform both in and out of the bedroom. We live in a world driven by money and sex both of which we rely on for feelings of power and success.

Long term help for male impotence without drugs

Status, the right car, house, holidays, a man’s penis size and performance, all pressure that impacts the mind and body and just as a man thinks there may be a little light relief – that doesn’t happen either. Yes its easy to reach for the viagra/sildenafil however we know so little about it and it has been linked to many side effects some being quite serious.

Underlying emotional issues surrounding erectile dysfunction

In my experience of the men I have worked with its not just recent issues that create erectile dysfunction and male impotence, it can be life experiences and the unconscious messages received about their manhood, sex being dirty, bad, wrong during their teenage or earlier years. We also often associate sexual abuse with women and girls, yet many men have also been raped and abused as we are seeing more and more in the news. Marriages and relationships are breaking down some after many years together, all of which can be devastating and confusing all with the potential for low self-esteem, depression, intimacy problems, fear of new relationships and torturing thoughts of ‘will it work’, confusion of sexuality, anger – all mental and emotional symptoms which can result in the revolving door of Impotency.

Hypnotherapy and NLP right here in Cheshire

Male impotence and sexual abuse are different issues yet both can be helped through varying types of therapy, counselling, hypnotherapy, body work, a health programme, stress management, life assessments.

I work personally with you to develop a ‘wholistic’ approach to release deep rooted barriers, creating awareness, healing, confidence, healthier relationships and a compassionate understanding for yourself.

Of course there are many physical reasons age being one – obesity, diabetes, illness, etc. which can also be helped by changing diet, healthy eating, and seeking advice from your G.P.

Success Story

Help with male impotence

“I had been divorced for a couple of years and had found love again. Excited about taking our relationship to a deeper connection and spending a loving weekend with my new partner, I booked time away. I soon realised I had erectile dysfunction, I knew it was emotional and lots of pressure to perform, but didn’t want medication so contacted Alison. Within ‘two weeks’ of working with the deeper emotions of my stress and past history causing the impotence… voila!” – Simon M, Director, Carlise.