Coaching & Personal Development

Create the success you want in your life.

Success and excellence is something we can all obtain, and there are times when everyone needs a little coaching for the soul – you might not be able to put your finger on what is missing, or what needs developing, but you know something needs to change.

If you have a relationship, family or run a business, it’s a fair assumption that you’re giving too much to others, without taking care of your own well being. Over time, it’s easy to drift off course, away from your original ‘life plan’ and leaving you feeling unfulfilled and incomplete.

‘One to One’ personal coaching with Alison Levesley, will help you to get ‘back on track’, by learning to focus on your own needs, as this is where real change happens. I will help you understand ‘why you do what you do’, and master the techniques necessary to retake control and direction of your life, and work towards a more meaningful future. I provide help with personal development to improve your confidence, communication, leadership skills and to make you better at decision making in the workplace.

The personal development coaching I can give you, will help you to be more assertive and successful. One-on-one and group sessions are available and I can be booked as a speaker at corporate events.

Lasting change requires consistent commitment and I will challenge, support and develop an individual ‘life plan’ to attaining the results you desire and deserve in your life.

Soul Coaching

I truly believe that it is only when we begin to learn more about ourselves that we can learn to understand where our power lies. Whilst we look to others to bring us that magical life, fantastic career, more money, or even notice us, we become powerless.

It may be that you have a goal and just can’t seem to get there, nor figure out what is stopping it all from slotting into place. You can hear a calling within waiting to be heard, that would give your life purpose and meaning. You wish to explore a more peaceful, spiritual existence in this crazy world.

Soul Coaching not only helps you to understand what barrier is in your way but highlights quickly and easily the path to take. What makes Soul Coaching different to other forms of coaching is that we work with your higher mind and integrate all aspects of your being that play their parts in creating your dreams a reality. This means your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual self.

Soul Coaching not only gets to the problem quickly, it creates a spotlight onto your best solution and shows the easy steps to get there, plus it gives long term healing through the process.

Relationship Coaching

I have worked with couples and individuals for over 20 years helping them to find a way of staying in
or finding love relationships. You would think it to be easy, people fall in love and all is great.
However my work is not just working to find love, or rekindle love. Relationships are also families, friends, colleagues, groups and so much more. Often what we learn in our families and school sets us up for the rest of the relationships in life. We believe we are forming new relationships when in many cases we are reliving the history of our family and friends.

Common issues:-

  • Maybe you cannot find a healthy loving relationship
  • Are having problems with a colleague that is stopping your advancement
  • Family issues are getting in the way of your happiness
  • Or maybe you wish to improve the relationship with yourself

Relationship Coaching gives you the opportunity to explore, pinpoint the problem and heal it. By understanding and changing what is needed within you, can in fact change the relationships around you. By understanding, healing, balancing yourself you attract healthy, loving, balanced relationships.

Health Coaching

Your body relates to what you feed it, how you nourish it and the world around you. This does not only relate to food and your eating habits, it also responds to how you mentally, emotionally physically and spiritually maintain it. During my years of working with people it became clear that even illnesses such as Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, Chronic Fatigue, Heart Problems often began many years earlier, some even during childhood. Often we make emotional decisions that continue creating disease within the body, calling out in some way and not being heard.

Have you had long term illness, possibly doctors cannot find a problem or nothing seems to make any difference? Do you wish to explore a root cause to your illness?
Maybe you just wish to explore a healthier more holistic approach to your life.

Health Coaching offers an opportunity to bring healing and a holistic awareness to your life. By recognising what messages your body is trying to relate to you and taking time to listen, the key for healing can be discovered and the door to a healthier you opened.