Chakra Reading & Healing

Alison’s lifetime has been one of profound healing and intuitively seeing beyond the veil of 3D existence. As a 4 year old child she would speak words of wisdom and intuitively share truths others were blinded to see.

Having worked with thousands globally, often after appearing in their dreams, Alison’s insight, voice and energetic empathic sensing, create beyond belief awareness, healing and transformation.

Alison works with 10 Chakras and ‘An Intuitive Chakra Reading and Healing’ takes you to those forgotten moments where illness, dis-ease and conditioning began. In knowing and understanding the root cause allows the patterning to be removed and healing takes place.

Chakra Work Testimonial


“At the age of 42, I had suffered with M.E. for over 5 years I was given Alison Levesley’s number. Within 2 minutes Alison told me how my energy was turning in on itself [she felt it in her own body]. She also told me the exact age it began – 9 – what had happened and how I had made a choice which led to my illness. She was spot on. Within a couple of sessions I was completely healed”. Nicholas – Marketing Director based in the U.K.