Crowning of the wise woman

Western culture sadly has a focus on youth and looking young, this is often shown in how natural and beautiful women are altered for magazines and actresses become redundant once they reach 40. The beauty industry is booming even at times of recession operations and botox becoming the norm. In many other cultures around the world the older a person becomes [dried out] the more revered they are due to their wisdom, knowledge and life experience, holding the stories of culture and family/community history, spiritual journeys and ancestors which are then passed down in story telling and group gatherings.

In western culture our behavior and attitude to age can create negative emotions around self esteem, confidence, career, relationships, body image, beauty, and even depression, this led to me creating ceremonies to honour wisdom and age assisting the transition in a positive joyous way.

I have developed Crowning Ceremonies which are aimed at women reaching their 40th 50th 60th 70th or even 80th birthdays, of course it doesn’t have to be just the big birthday, there may be something else which you wish to mark as special or honour someone you care about.

The ceremonies are organised in a way that bring surprise to the lady concerned, in that once she has connected me with the guests, I take over developing ceremony, involving and communicating with those that love and care for her thus creating a powerful and life changing day, not only for her but for those around her.

‘My 60th Crowning ceremony was life changing event for me, it showed me how much I was loved, how positively I was viewed, what I had taught others, my confidence was restored I felt beautiful, valued and it supported me in stepping into my power of fulfilling my life long dreams. It was also done with fun, laughter, combining ceremony with a party where we danced until 2 in the morning’.

To hold a Crowning ceremony you will need to have a venue, of course this can also be in nature, in your home – dependent on numbers, somewhere you have great memories, beach, and it can be just women [which holds great power] with men and of course family and children.